V E 1 P J S
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Welcome to the home page of VE1PJS.

My name is Peter and I received my Basic Amateur Radio License in 1991. I first started in amateur radio with my dad (Harold Surette the former VE1ALL) when I was growing up. I spent many hours in the ham shack with dad watching him build projects and listening to him work a lot of CW with his Vibroplex bug.

As a father/son project, I was able to help dad build a Heath Kit HW-101 from a kit. After a few long months of building, we took the rig to Tex Matheson (VE1AAX) for a final tune up and off we went to the airwaves. It was some feeling when the first contact was made.

After moving to Truro in 1988, I missed the radio and decided it was time to get my license. With the help of “B” VE1ALU and Harold, the former VE1AA, I wrote the test for my Basic License and Morse code, and later went on to receive my Advanced License.

Ann, (VA1ANN) my XYL is also an Advanced Amateur and a great CW operator.

I am also the owner of the Maritime Swap Shop which takes place on Monday evenings at 7:30 Atlantic Time on the frequency of 3.750. This was turned over to me from the late Max Ross (VE1QM) who was the founder the Maritime Swap Shop. Since taking this venture, I sure have learned a lot about amateur radio equipment and have enjoyed very much helping amateurs to either sell or find items. I have also since learned, a needle in the haystack can be found! Hi Hi.

I also am the Maritime Net Control Manager, which was handed over to me from Hugh VE9HC. The Maritime Net meets every evening at 7 pm Atlantic Time on the frequency of 3.750. The Maritime Net is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of operators who are very faithful to their evenings and their controlling.