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July 27, 2015



(W) Amateur radio call plates

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
(W) Heathkit HP-24 power supply.

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
Numerous items for sale. This listing can be seen by going to:

LISTED JULY 25, 2015
100 foot square 4-leg, guyed commercial tower including a Cushcraft stacked
    11-element, 2-meter antennas, Hygain TH-5MKII 6-element beam, Yaesu C-1000SDX
    rotator and control unit, Sinclair 410-C4 2-meter antenna, 40/80 meter dipole
    free for the taking down.
(S) Kenwood PC-1A phone patch. 50 Kcs.
(S) MFJ-432 Voice Memory Keyer new in the box. 125 Kcs.
(S) Dentron MLA-2500 HF linear Amplifier wired for 220 volts. 700 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FT-1000 HF transceiver with the Yaesu MD-100 desk microphone, Sp-5
    external speaker with audio filter and LL-5 phone patch installed,
    BPF-1 band pass filter module installed, FIF-232 Cat System and the DVS-2
    Digital Voice System. 1350 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FT-1000 HF transceiver with the Yaesu MD-1 microphone and
    manual.  1100 Kcs.

Heil Sound Proset Plus (headset and mic).  225 Kcs.
(S) Hiel Sound ICM (high performance microphone for Icom only). 125 Kcs.
(S) Mobile Ham Stick Model 9175 antenna. 30 Kcs.
(S) Mobile Ham Stick Model 9140 antenna. 30 Kcs.
(S) Mobile Ham Stick Model 9120 antenna. 30 Kcs.
(S) Magnetic mount model LM-MM. 25 Kcs.
(S) CDE Rotor Control. 75 Kcs.
(S) Rotor Controller Ham SP (for sight impaired) by Norm's Rotor Service. 160 Kcs.
(S) Wilson Model WR-500 rotor controller. 50 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu SP-102P speaker/phone patch.  140 Kcs.
(S) MFJ Deluxe HF Model MFJ-915B swr/watt meter. 80 Kcs.
(S) Micronta transistor tester. 30 Kcs.

Gates HV plate transformer 3500-0-3500 at 565 amps. Also all related HV capacitors,
    chokes and diodes to build power supply. 250 Kcs.
(S) 4CX1000 tube socket, chimney and blower plus a number of tubes of unknown
    condition. 200 Kcs.
(S) Eddystone Model 770R, MK2, vintage VHF receiver in good shape but needs
    restoration. Very nice looking. 100 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 27, 2015
3-element mini yagi for 20-meters using Ham Sticks. Ideal for portable. 125 Kcs.
(S) 168 feet of armored RG-11 direct burial coax cable. New and easily fitted
    with PL-259 connectors. 50 Kcs.

      Photo's available upon request.


LISTED JULY 27, 2015

(S) Icom IC-2KL HF linear amplifier, power supply and also the Icom At-500
    antenna tuner with all cables and manuals. Good working condition.
    1500 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
MFJ-949 antenna tuner. 1.8-30 MHZ. Used very little with original carton. 180 Kcs.
(S) Kantronics KPC-3 TNC with a Toshiba 486 laptop as a dum terminal. 125 Kcs.
(S) AR-303 antenna rotor and control box. New and never opened. Light duty
    and good for 2-meter beams. 75 Kcs.
(S) Turner hand microphone, M+3 Special. Needs a new battery. 20 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-AH1, HF all band mobile antenna less the spring in original
    box. 75 Kcs.
(S) No Mic Rigblaster, rig to soundcard interface with cable for Kenwood
    transceiver including manual and in original box. 50 Kcs.
(S) B & K Precision 520 transistor checker with manual. 50 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 25, 2015
290 Feet of ladder line. 55 KCs. or .25 cents a foot.

LISTER JUNE 22, 2015
Yaesu FT-100E for parts.

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
(S) Kenwood TS-480SAT HF/50 MHZ transceiver. 785 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-746pro HF/VHF transceiver. 990 Kcs.
(S) MFJ Deluxe noise cancelling signal enhancer. 115 Kcs.

LISTED JUNE 29, 2015
National model NC-183D receiver.

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
Bird Watt Meter slug 100-250 MHz at 100 watts.

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
506-622-2639 (HOME)
506-210-3020 (CELL)
Icom IC-751 HF transceiver in great shape and complete with the Icom HM-7
    hand microphone. Rig also has the voice module installed. 350 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 23, 2015
Grundig Classic-960 shortwave table receiver. This is the modern reproduction,
    solid state and essential new in the box. Only taken out for period function
    checks. Local sale only please. (Halifax). No shipping. 140 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 13, 2015
Cushcraft A148-10S one year old VHF beam. 150 Kcs.
(S) 6-element home built hex beam for 20/17/15/12/10/6 meters. Will deliver with
    ground setup in the Maritimes. 350 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 23, 2015
Duel band beam of any size.

LISTED JULY 27, 2015
DMX 36-foot tower in very good condition. 300 Kcs.
(S) Astron RS-35M power supply. 250 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-2100. 250 Kcs.
(S) Packrat PK-232. 200 Kcs.
(S) Dell keyboard. 25 Kcs.
(S) Acer monitor. 100 Kcs.
(S) Apple computer. 1000 Kcs.
(S) Kenwood power meter. 100 Kcs.
(S) Pro-500, 400-channel scanner. 200 Kcs.
(S) Kenwood TM-2570A, 2-meter transceiver. 175 Kcs.
(S) MFJ 43-amp power supply. 200 Kcs.
(S) Packrat PK-232. 100 Kcs.
(S) Al-1716 monitor. 150 Kcs.
(S) Astron RS-35 power supply. 200 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-2100 VHF transceiver. 200 Kcs.
(S) MFJ-752B. 50 Kcs.
(S) Kenwood PC-1a phone patch. 40 Kcs.
(S) MFJ-1273B in the box. 50 Kcs.
(S) Weather station in the box. 50 Kcs.
(S) Rotor model 105-T5. 150 Kcs.
(S) Rotor and box. 150 Kcs.
(S) D104 microphone. 75 Kcs.
(S) Keyer paddle. 60 Kcs.
(S) Model FS-600A meter. 100 Kcs.
(S) Pg-41 kit. 30 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FT-1500 2-meter transceiver. 250 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FT-1500M, 2-meter transceiver. 250 Kcs.
(S) MFJ-921 antenna tuner. 70 Kcs.
(S) Alinco DR-235, 6-meter transceiver. 300 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-229H transceiver. 175 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-751A HF transceiver. 250 Kcs.
(S) ICPS power supply. 180 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FL-2100Z HF amplifier. 1000 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FT-401B HF transceiver. 500 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 20, 2015
Sinclair VHF 4-cavity Reslock Duplexer. 400 Kcs.
(S) Sinclair Ferrite isolator. 100 Kcs.
(S) New Sinclair Commercial repeater antenna 4-Bay SD-224 6/9 Db gain VHF
    antenna ordered for 146 MHz. 500 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu FT-726 with satellite module, 2-meter and 432 modules, microphone
     and manual. 600 Kcs.
(S) Kenwood TS-820S HF transceiver for 160-10 meters. 400 Kcs.
(S) Kenwood TR-7800 VHF mobile transceiver. 75 Kcs.
(S) Bearcat 250 scanner. 50 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-228, 45-watt VHF mobile transceiver. 125 Kcs.
(S) Two Rutland K1FO, 12-element VHF yagi with with stacking boom and phasing harnesses.
    These are the most rugged antenna made. 300 Kcs.
(S) New Antenna Specialist mobile VHF antenna with new trunk lip mount. 50 Kcs.
(S) APRS Node and radio with MFJ-1276 TNC running Uidigi Firmware and
    Uniden Force VHF radio. 200 Kcs.
(S) KenPro (Yaesu) rotor thrust bearing. 75 Kcs.
(S) TPL VHF amplifier. 10 watts in to 100 watts output. Not an all mode amplifier
    and does not have the receive preamp. 100 Kcs.
(S) Mirage D26 UHF all-mode ATV amplifier with GaAs Fet RX preamp. 1-watt in will
    give you 60-watts out. Amp in mint condition. 300 Kcs.
(S) 2-Motorola, 12-channel Maxar-80 UHF mobile radios for 450-470 MHz., Motorola
    2-channel Maxar-80 UHF radio. 30-watts, 450-470 MHZ with PL-Board in it for
    151.4 HZ., Motorola 2-channel Maxar-80 UHF radio. 30-watt, 403-470 MHz.
    All 4 for 100 Kcs.
(S) Home brew 13.8 VDC, 30-amp power supply with meter. (Bullett Electronics
    design). 75 Kcs.
(S) Internal RF Speech Processor for the Yaesu FT-101 series radio.
(S) New power transformer for the Yaesu FT-101 series radio. New item, not
    a pulled unit. 100 Kcs.
Heathkit HD-1481 remote coax switch. (Control box only) 25 Kcs.
(S) Hi isolation coaxial switch made by Amphenol with N connectors. 50 Kcs.
(S) Jennings Vacuum Relay Coax switch transfer switch. 2.5KW@30MHZ with
    N connectors. 100 Kcs.
(S) Specific Electronics. 3.3/5/7.33/10/14.6/15 MHZ Standard Frequency
    WWV Receiver Model WVTR. 100 Kcs.
(S) Rockland Waveteck Model-5100 Frequency Synthesizer, .001-2 MHz. 150 Kcs.
(S) Archer Model-15-1274 Video Special Effects Switcher used on his
    ATV station. 50 Kcs.
(S) Rabbit Double Play DP-5000, Picture-in-Picture Tuner/Converter,
    channel 57-60, used on his ATV station. 50 Kcs.
(S) American Dynamics Chromaquad AD-1576, CCTV-8 camera quad switcher,
    used on his ATV station and surveillance cameras. 100 Kcs.

    The following are available for the vintage Heathkit Collectors. They are
    in excellent condition with original paint, no holes drilled or
    defaced in any way.

Heathkit HD-15 phone patch. 50 Kcs.
(S) Heathkit HM-2102 VHF SWR/WATT meter. 50 Kcs.
(S) Heathkit HCWA-202 power supply for the Heathkit HW-2036, 2-meter rig. 25 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 28, 2015

(S) SGC mobile whip. (2-50 inch sections). 75 Kcs.
(S) MFJ-1263 microphone transfer switch with specialty mic. 60 Kcs.
(S) MFJ-916 duplexer. 25 Kcs.
(S) Diamond MX-72H duplexer. 35 Kcs.
(S) Icom SM-2 desk microphone modified. 50 Kcs.
(S) Icom hand microphone. 20 Kcs.

(S) Yaesu FT-4700 duel band. 200 Kcs.
(S) Icom IC-230 with the Icom IC-3 power supply. 45 Kcs.
(S) Yaesu SB-1. 5 Kcs.
(S) Alinco DJ-580 duel band handheld with accessories.
    Needs a battery. 100 Kcs.
(S) Ringo Ranger VHF vertical antenna. 40 Kcs.
(S) Millen Grid Dip meter with one coil. 20 Kcs.
(S) 6-volt dow relay. 15 Kcs.
(S) various articles like fans, speakers, mag mounts, whips and more. Neg.
(S) Comcraft model CTR144 AM/FM 2-meter transceiver. Neg.
(S) 75-feet Amphenol RG-59 coax cable. 20 Kcs.
(S) Newmar 8 amp. PS   50 Kcs
(S) 2 piece wireless intercom  25Kcs
(S) 150 ft. 7/8 heliax with connectors on each end with a short section of RG213
    on one end.
(S) Waters 5-position round antenna switch. 25 Kcs.
(S) Pye Electronics VHF amplifier. 20 Kcs.
(S) Micrtanta 1.75 amp power supply. 10 Kcs.
(S) Smart 3-amp continuous power supply

LISTED JULY 20, 2015
Icom IC-725 HF transceiver (160-10 meters) with matching Icom PS-15 power
    supply, Icom SM-6 desk microphone and MFJ-991B autotuner with matching cable
    for the transceiver. 675Kcs.

LISTED JULY 20, 2015
48-foot Trylon self supporting tower with concrete tabs included. Also
    includes a TH6DX yagi, mast, rotor, cables and coax. Complete system.
    On the ground in PEI and ready to go. 700 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 27, 2015
Yaesu FC-20 automatic antenna tuner. 125 Kcs.
(S) LDG AT-600pro automatic antenna tuner. 125 Kcs.
(S) Ameritrom RCS-8, remote antenna switch. 125 Kcs.
                  Package deal for 300 Kcs.

LISTED JULY 27, 2015
Yaesu FT-950 HF transceiver with 6-meters. Like new and in clean condition.
    Latest firmware installed and was purchased May of 2012. Comes with original
    microphone, DC power cord, instruction and service manual in PDF format.
    No original box. 975 Kcs.